Wednesday, October 8

Today in Acc Geo we:
At 7:00 am with Mrs. Johnson
     1.  Took Quick Quiz 3.1
     2.  Started working on the 3.2 Notes (did not finish)
     3.  HW: p.158 #7-25 odds,37,38 (answers)
     *We will talk about systems of equations tomorrow*
At 8:00 am with Mr. Vrana
     1.  Reviewed homework questions
     2.  Discussed the Corresponding Angles Postulate and the 3.2 Notes
     3.  Here are the rest of the proofs from the notes
     4.  HW: p.158 #1-5,12-20,27,28,30,32 (answers were posted with yesterday's)

Today in Algebra 1 we:
1. Reviewed 3.4 examples and went over homework questions
2. Discussed the 3.1-3.3 Quick Quiz and the Chapter 2 Test
3. Started working on the 3.1-3.4 Review Worksheet 
4.  HW: Finish the 3.1-3.4 Review Worksheet (selected answers)
      Extra credit opportunity: p.216 #13-53 odds (selected answer)
*The 3.1-3.4 Quiz will be tomorrow*

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