Friday, September 22

Today in Algebra 2 Trig you:
Went over the 2.1-2.4 quiz and the 2.7 worksheet from Wednesday. Practiced problems from sections 2.7 and 2.9. HW: finish p.148 #15,16,19-21 and p.161 #11,14-16,21,24,25,27-29,38 (answers)
*The Chapter 2 Test is planned for next Thursday*

Today in Geometry you:
Completed the 2.4 Notes on Biconditional Statements and took a 2.3 and Logic Quick Quiz. HW: p.99 #11-19 odds,24,27,29,31,38,40 (answers)
*The 2.1-2.4 Quiz is planned for next Tuesday*


Thursday, September 21

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Completed the 2.9 Notes on absolute value functions. HW: finish the 2.7 worksheet from yesterday and look over your quiz (if you got it back)

Today in Geometry you:
Went over last night's homework, and then took notes on Venn Diagrams and Matrix Logic problems. HW: complete 4 of the 8 Matrix Logic problems on the worksheet (blank copy) (answers)
*The 2.1-2.4 quiz will be next Tuesday*


Wednesday, September 20

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Completed the 2.7 Notes. HW: 2.7 worksheet (answers)

Today in Geometry you:
Went over the 2.1-2.2 Quick Quizzes from yesterday with Mr. Cornelius.  Continued talking about section 2.3 and syllogisms. HW: p.91 #6-8,12,15-18 (we will check the answers tomorrow)


Tuesday, September 19

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Took the 2.1-2.5 Quiz.  We will start section 2.7 tomorrow (make sure to bring your graphing calculator)

Today in Geometry you:
Started the 2.3 Notes on Deductive Reasoning and took a quick quiz over sections 2.1 and 2.2. HW: p.91 #9-11,20,22-25 (answers)


Monday, September 18

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Reviewed for the 2.1-2.5 quiz tomorrow. HW: complete at least 10 problems on p.133 (2.1 answers) (2.2-2.5 answers)
HW due tomorrow:   p.94 #39-41,48-50,58,59 and p.101 #19,36,52
                                    p.110 #22-38 evens,48-50,53
                                    p.121 #13-17,26,29-35 odds
                                    p.121 #20,21,23-25,39-41,47-50
                                    p.128 #14-24 evens, 38-40
                                   p.133 Review

Today in Geometry you:
Finished the 2.2 Notes and practiced problems. HW: complete p.84 #1,2,13-21,23-25 (answers) if you haven't already


Friday, September 15

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Took the 2.5 Notes and completed a quick quiz over sections 2.1-2.4. HW: p.128 #14-24 evens, 38-40 (answers) Use a calculator to help graph #20
*The 2.1-2.5 Quiz is scheduled for next Tuesday*

Today in Geometry you:
Started the 2.2 Notes on Conditional Statements. HW: complete number 6 and 7 in the notes and be prepared to talk about them on Monday.


Thursday, September 14

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Finished the 2.4 Notes and discussed how to change the window on a graphing calculator during graphing. HW: p.121 #20,21,23-25,39-41,47-50 (answers) *There will be a quick quiz tomorrow*

Today in Geometry you:
Completed the 2.1 Notes and worked on practice problems.  Finish the practice for homework: p.77 #11-21 odds, 27 (answers)


Wednesday, September 13

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Started the 2.4 Notes on writing linear equations.  HW: p.121 #13-17,26,29-35 odds (answers) the 10:00 class should also go over your Chapter 1 Tests

Today in Geometry you:
Took your Chapter 1 Test! Yay!  We will start Chapter 2 on Geometric Reasoning tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 12

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Cleared-up any questions from yesterday and completed the 2.3 Notes. HW: p.110 #22-38 evens,48-50,53 (answers) and 7am class should look over their tests.

Today in Geometry you:
Reviewed for the Chapter 1 Test tomorrow!  Tonight you should:
     correct the 1.3-1.4 Quick Quizzes you got at the end of class (answers)
     complete any of the interactive practice quizzes or test on the online textbook
     study the definitions in your notes
     complete any missing or incomplete assignments


Monday, September 11

Mrs. Johnson is home today with a sick baby. I know this isn't optimal, but do your best to work together and make a list of questions that you have. We will clear-up any questions tomorrow.

Algebra 2/Trig:
Complete the 2.1/2.2 Notes together (answer key for the notes) and then practice problems independently. p.94 #39-41,48-50,58,59 and p.101 #19,36,52 (answers)

Go over 1.4 homework questions with Mr. Cornelius. Take Quick Quiz 1.3-1.4 then start the Geometer's Sketchpad worksheet on segments and angles. Make sure you take time to ask each other or Mr. Cornelius if you have questions about your quiz from last week or general questions.