Wednesday, March 21

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Summarized the graphs of sine, cosine, and tangent, then started discussing transformations of the sine and cosine waves. HW: complete the graphing examples in the note packet (we will discuss them tomorrow)

Today in Geometry you:
Finished the 9.1 Notes by discussing the area formulas for kites and rhombi. The 12:00 class took a quick formative assessment, the 1:00 class will take yours at the start of class tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 20

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Finished the 13.3 notes and started a packet on graphing sine, cosine, and tangent. Finish the graphing packet for homework (we will discuss it tomorrow)

Today in Geometry you:
Continue the 9.1 Notes by discussing the area formulas for triangles and trapezoids. HW: complete the 9.1 practice problems worksheet (we will discuss it tomorrow)


Monday, March 19

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Continued with the 13.3 Notes on Radians! HW: p.947 #19-33 odds,37,43,45,51 (answers)

Today in Geometry you:
Started the Chapter 9 Notes with developing and using the area formulas for rectangles, squares, and parallelograms. We will continue tomorrow.


Friday, March 9th

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Took a 13.1-13.3 quiz and a pretest for Chapter 8. Please talk to Mrs. Johnson if you are interested in retaking the Chapter 7 Test.

Today in Geometry you:
Finished the Chapter 6 Test.

Enjoy your Spring Break everyone!


Thursday, March 8

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Reviewed for the 13.1-13.3 quiz tomorrow. HW: complete the 2 review worksheets (if you haven't already) and look over your Chapter 7 Tests (blank review) (answers to reviews)

Today in Geometry you:
Continued reviewing for your Chapter 6 Tests and then started the test for about 20 minutes. You will finish taking the tests tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 7

Today in Algebra 2/Trig we:
Summarized the 13.2 Notes from yesterday and went over general questions. We then started the 13.3 Notes on the Unit Circle. HW: finish the examples in the 13.3 Notes. We will talk about them tomorrow.

Today in Geometry we:
Continued reviewing for the Chapter 6 Test tomorrow. HW: finish the review packet (#2-4 on the second page are intended as "challenge" problems) (answers)


Tuesday, March 6

In Algebra 2/Trig please...
1. Look over your homework together.
2. Complete THIS ACT WARM-UP.
3. Copy some of your 13.2 Notes from THIS ANSWER KEY
4. Finish the notes at your tables
5. Work on the 13.2 Problem Solving Worksheet with your groups (answers)

In Geometry please...
1. Look over your homework together and turn it in.
2. Complete the Chapter 6 Review packet at your tables.
3. One person from each group should turn-in your packet by the end of class.
4. We will continue reviewing tomorrow.


Monday, March 5

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Finished the 13.1 Notes and started working on a 13.1 Practice Problems worksheet (blank copy) (answers). Finish the worksheet for homework.

Today in Geometry you:
Went over the note examples #8-11 from last week and finished the Chapter 6 Notes! HW: complete the homework worksheet (answers)
*The Chapter 6 Test will be Thursday/Friday*


Friday, March 2

Today in Algebra 2/Trig we:
Summarized the patterns for 45-45-90 and 30-60-90 right triangles, and then defined the 6 trig ratios. HW: finish examples #1 and 2 on the first page of the 13.1 Notes (blank copy here)

Today in Geometry you:
Continue in the Chapter 6 Note Packet. HW: finish #8-11 in the note packet in "Part 2"


Thursday, March 1

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Finished the Chapter 7 Test and started discussing special right triangles. HW: complete as much as you can on this note sheet. You will discuss the problems tomorrow and start the 13.1 Notes

Today in Geometry you:
Started the second half of Chapter 6 by discussing how to prove a quadrilateral is a parallelogram. HW: correct your formatives

Wednesday, February 28

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Started the Chapter 7 Test. You will finish tomorrow.

Today in Geometry you:
Reviewed and took the Chapter 6 Quiz.


Tuesday, February 27

Mrs. Johnson is sick again (one of these days everyone in her family will be healthy...)

Algebra 2/Trig:
Continue working on the review sheets from yesterday (and I also added an 8th sheet that is a multiple choice practice test). Check your answers with either an answer key in the classroom or below. The test will start tomorrow.
Answer Key to the purple Transformations
Answer Key to the salmon Modeling and Data Analysis
Answer Key to the yellow Communicating Reason
Answers to the Multiple Choice Practice Test:
B, G, B, H, D,
J, B, F, A, F,
B, J, A, H, A,
J, B, G, B,
G, B, J

1. Go over your homework questions together. Hand them in if you don't have any questions, but you may keep them to ask questions tomorrow if you need to.
2. Go over your formative assessments from yesterday in your groups. Correct your answers.
3. Finish examples 5, 6, 7, and 8 from your notes from yesterday. Work together to check your answers and show your answers to the substitute.
4. Work on the Part 1 Practice Problems worksheet. If you finish it, turn it in and then try the challenge problems! Finishing the practice problems worksheet is homework.
*There will be a Quiz tomorrow*