Tuesday, February 27

Mrs. Johnson is sick again (one of these days everyone in her family will be healthy...)

Algebra 2/Trig:
Continue working on the review sheets from yesterday (and I also added an 8th sheet that is a multiple choice practice test). Check your answers with either an answer key in the classroom or below. The test will start tomorrow.
Answer Key to the purple Transformations
Answer Key to the salmon Modeling and Data Analysis
Answer Key to the yellow Communicating Reason
Answers to the Multiple Choice Practice Test:
B, G, B, H, D,
J, B, F, A, F,
B, J, A, H, A,
J, B, G, B,
G, B, J

1. Go over your homework questions together. Hand them in if you don't have any questions, but you may keep them to ask questions tomorrow if you need to.
2. Go over your formative assessments from yesterday in your groups. Correct your answers.
3. Finish examples 5, 6, 7, and 8 from your notes from yesterday. Work together to check your answers and show your answers to the substitute.
4. Work on the Part 1 Practice Problems worksheet. If you finish it, turn it in and then try the challenge problems! Finishing the practice problems worksheet is homework.
*There will be a Quiz tomorrow*


Monday, February 26

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Went over the "Quick Checks" from last week, then started reviewing Chapter 7 in partners. HW: complete the "solving", "evaluating/simplifying", and "graphing/inverse" examples. You will go over them tomorrow.
*The Chapter 7 Test has been changed to Wednesday/Thursday*

Today in Geometry you:
Went over the proofs from the weekend and started the practice problems in the notes. You then took a formative assessment over Chapter 6 so far. HW: complete the Chapter 6 Practice Problems worksheet (answers) and make sure to show your work


Friday, February 23

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Summarized the 7.7 Notes and went through the 7.8 Notes on exponential and logarithmic regression. HW: p.542 #17,24,26,28-30,33-43 and p.548 #9,11,13,17,22 (answers)

Today in Geometry you:
Verified all the properties of quadrilaterals from yesterday and marked the properties in the diagrams in your notes. HW: Complete the proofs in the "Proving more quadrilateral properties" packet. We will discuss the answers on Monday.


Thursday, February 22

Mrs. Johnson is out today:

Algebra 2/Trig, you should...
1. Go over homework questions from last night together. Take some time to look over the answer key posted on yesterday's entry.
2. Take about 2-3 minutes on the next ACT Opener
3. Fill-out what you can of the 7.7 Notes using the textbook pages 537-539.
4. Write down a list of questions you have for me and I can respond to them tomorrow.
5. The last 20 minutes you will take a 7.5-7.6 Quick Check. This will not be graded, but used to give you feedback.

Geometry, you should...
1. Compare your proof homework from last night with each other. We will talk about the Extension step for the first proof tomorrow.
2. Continue through the GSP file from yesterday with your properties table. Each shape should have the following number of properties checked:
                     Rectangle: 10
                     Rhombus: 8
                     Square: 11
                     Trapezoid: 5
                     Isosceles Trapezoid: 7
                     Kite: 7
3. Please finish-up any shapes/properties you do not get to in-class as homework.
4. Also, we will go over your Chapter 4 Tests tomorrow. Please remember to bring them back to class.


Wednesday, February 21

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Went over the 7.1-7.4 Quiz and continued working on the 7.5-7.6 Notes. HW: p.526 #21-31 odds, p.534 #17-21,25 (skip part c!) ,31,32 (answers)

Today in Geometry you:
Went over more examples from section 6.1. Explored properties of parallelograms in the GSP file attached to the Geometry Docs & Files Page. HW: finish the 2 proofs on the parallelogram properties worksheet and start correcting your Chapter 4 Test.


Tuesday, February 20

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Continued with the 7.5 Notes on half-life and compounding interest. HW: correct your 7.1-7.4 Quiz as best you can and p.527 #46 (answers)

Today in Geometry you:
Started Chapter 6 on Polygons with the 6.1 Notes. HW: p.386 #16-26, 46-50 (answers)


Thursday, February 15

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Took the 7.1-7.4 Quiz. We will start section 7.5 on solving exponential and logarithmic equations tomorrow.

Today in Geometry you:
Continued to review for the Chapter 4 test tomorrow by working practice problems in your groups.


Wednesday, February 14

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Went over the 7.4 worksheet answers from yesterday (answers, note: #11 should be x+3), then started the 7.1-7.4 review packet. Finish the review packet for homework (answers)
*HW due tomorrow:
    p.501 #19,27,30,32,36,41-46,49 
    p.494 #7-23 odds
    p.509 #17-29 odds,32,36,39,42
    p.516 #20-30 evens,36,46,66-68
    7.4 Practice Worksheet
    7.1-7.4 Review Packet

Today in Geometry you:
Reviewed for Friday's test by practicing proofs about triangle congruence. Make sure you are studying your notes and example proofs as a way to prepare for Friday!


Tuesday, February 13

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Continued with the 7.4 notes on properties of logarithms. HW: finish the 7.4 worksheet (you will go over them with each other tomorrow) *The 7.1-7.4 Quiz will be Thursday*

Today in Geometry you:
Started the 4.8/5.1 Notes on proving theorems within triangles. We will continue with the notes tomorrow. *The Chapter 4 Test will be Friday*


Monday, February 12

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Started the 7.4 Notes on properties of logarithms. We will finish tomorrow and review sections 7.1-7.4. HW tonight: p.516 #20-30 evens,36,46,66-68 (answers)

Today in Geometry you:
Went over the formative assessments from Friday and completed the 4.6 Notes. HW: p.263 #4,7,9,11,15 (answers) *The Chapter 4 Test will be on Friday*


Friday, February 9

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Finished the 7.3 Notes. HW: p.509 #17-29 odds,32,36,39,42 (answers)

Today in Geometry with Mrs. Stalets you:
Reviewed some problems about proving triangles are congruent and then took a 4.3-4.5 Formative Assessment.


Thursday, February 8

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Started the 7.3 Notes on Logarithms. We will continue tomorrow.

Today in Geometry you:
Finished the 4.4/4.5 Notes on Triangle Congruency Shortcuts. HW: Complete the 4.4/4.5 Worksheet (answers) *There will be a quick formative assessment tomorrow*


Wednesday, February 7

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Continued the 7.1 Notes on Exponential Functions. HW: p.494 #7-23 odds (answers)

Today in Geometry you:
Today you continued 4.4 and 4.5 notes by using shortcuts to prove triangles congruent. HW: pg. 256: 4,5,22 (answers)


Tuesday, February 6

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Started the 7.1 Notes on Exponential Functions (we will continue tomorrow). There is no homework tonight.

Today in Geometry with Mr. Cornelius you:
Began 4.4-4.5 notes. We learned 5 shortcuts for proving that two triangles were congruent. Tomorrow we will learn one more shortcut and begin using these shortcuts in proofs.


Monday, January 5

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Started Chapter 7 with the 7.2 Notes on inverse relations. HW: p.501 #19,27,30,32,36,41-46,49 (answers)

Today in Geometry with Mr. Cornelius you:
Completed 4.3 notes. HW: pg. 235: 13-19 (answers)


Friday, February 2

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Finished your Chapter 6 Test. We will start Chapter 7 on Monday!

Today in Geometry you:
Took your Chapter 12 Test on Transformations. You will start Chapter 4 on Monday!


Thursday, February 1

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Reviewed general chapter 6 questions and then started the Chapter 6 Test. You will finish the test tomorrow.

Today in Geometry with Mr. Cornelius:
You reviewed chapter 12. HW is to have any missing assignments for the start of class tomorrow and review for the test.  (Answers to the review from today)