Wednesday, May 28

Today in Acc Geo we:
1.  Looked through the Construction Portfolio
2.  Went over the Group Final
3.  Studied independently and worked-on "resource sheets"

*Reminder: There will be a Review Session today after-school in Room 216 from 3-4pm*

Even Hour Finals tomorrow and Odd Hour Finals on Friday.


Tuesday, May 27

Today in Acc Geo we:
1.  Checked-out the semester's test (if you want to)
2.  Went over the Individual Final Information
3.  Practiced 2nd Semester practice problems in partners


Thursday & Friday, May 22 &23

Groups are working on Group Finals both days.  Continue studying for your individual finals!


Wednesday, May 21

Today in Acc Geo we:
1.  Turned-in the Construction Portfolio
2.  Picked groups for the Group Final (tomorrow and Friday)
3.  Reviewed the Group Final Procedures
4.  Went over the Chapter 11 Tests
5.  Worked on several review examples as a class

Tuesday, May 20

Today in Acc Geo we:
Continued working on the Construction Portfolio


Monday, May 19

Today in Acc Geo we:
Worked on the Construction Portfolios.  They will be due Wednesday, May 21st.

Choose 3 from Category 1.
Choose 4 from Category 2.
Choose 3 from Category 3.
Each construction will be worth 2 points.  Therefore, this portfolio will be worth 20 points total, and it will be entered as a Test Grade (70%) Category.
You may do 1 extra construction (from Category 2 or 3) for extra credit.
Submit the Portfolio in a folder or binder.

*Note: Your explanations should reference theorems and properties that we discussed this year.


Friday, May 16

Today in Acc Geo we: 
1.  Finished more of the constructions in the Note Packet (#8-13)
     (Please look at My Completed Note Packet if you feel like you need some help)
2.  Picked-up a few constructions for the Construction Portfolio.
3.  HW: Start working on the Portfolio this weekend by completing the constructions you picked-up and the "Method Sheet" with your steps.  Email Mrs. Johnson if you have any questions.
     Read ALL of the directions for the Construction Portfolio.

*Note:  It is important to seek out resources if you are struggling with constructions.
        Search online.
        Ask a friend to work with you.
        Come in to work with Mrs. Johnson during a free hour.

I recommend the following websites:


Thursday, May 15

Today in Acc Geo we:
1.  Started the Constructions Notes #1-7
2.  Discussed the Construction Portfolio that will be due next Wednesday, May 21st.
3.  HW: Please practice Constructions #1-7 for Homework tonight.

If you are struggling with constructions, please search out helpful resources.
I recommend looking at the following websites:


Wednesday, May 14

Today in Acc Geo we:
TEST DAY!  Took the Chapter 11 Test.

We will start with Constructions tomorrow.  Please bring your compass to class.


Tuesday, May 13

Today in Acc Geo we:
1.  Handed-out the "Resource Sheet" for the individual final exam
2.  Went over Quiz 11.4-11.6
3. Review questions in partners
4.  HW: p.814 #3-15 (answers)

HW Due for the Chapter 11 Test tomorrow:
    p.802 #11-21 odds, 22-26
    p.814 #3-15


Monday, May 12

Today in Acc Geo we:
1.  See announcements below
2.  Completed 11.7 Notes!  Yay!
3.  HW: p.802 #11-21 odds, 22-26 *#15 should be +y* (answers)

Announcements: There will be a Chapter 11 Review Session Tuesday from 3-4pm in RM 216
                             The Chapter 11 Test will be Wednesday, May 14
                             Please have a compass for class Thursday, May 15


Friday, May 9

Today in Acc Geo you:
Took the 11.4-11.6 Quiz.  On Monday we will finish Chapter 11 with section 11.7 on the Equations of Circle in the Coordinate Plane.


Thursday, May 8

Today in Acc Geo we:
1.  Discussed HW Questions (#15 and #35 in particular)
2.  Corrected the 11.4-11.5 HW Quizzes
3.  Took a Practice Quiz & went over it to prepare for tomorrow's quiz
4.  Angle Challenge Problem in partners
5.  HW: p.807 #1-10 (answers)

HW Due tomorrow:
p.776 #13-27 odds, 33,34,41
p.787 #17-33 odds, 42-44
p.796 #13-25 odds, 31, 35
p.807 #1-10


Wednesday, May 7

Today in Acc Geo we:
1.  Went over the 11.1-11.3 Quiz
2.  Took HW Quiz 11.4-11.5
3.  Discussed the 11.6 Notes through a Geometer's Sketchpad Exploration
4.  HW: p.796 #13-25 odds, 31, 35 (answers)

*Reminder: The 11.4-11.6 Quiz will be Friday


Tuesday, May 6

Today in Acc Geo we:
1.  Discussed HW #34 from last night
2.  Completed the 11.5 Notes
3.  HW: p.787 #17-33 odds, 42-44 (answers)


Monday, May 5

Today in Acc Geo we:
1.  Went over several Chapter 10 Test questions
2.  Completed the 11.4 Notes
*The Calendar for the rest of the semester has been updated.  Please check it.*
3.  HW: p.776 #13-27 odds,33,*34,41 (answers)


Friday, May 2

Today in Acc Geo we:
Took the 11.1-11.3 Quiz.  We will continue with 11.4 on Monday!


Thursday, May 1

Today in Acc Geo:
Mrs Johnson has meetings today, so you should...
1.  Take a 10 minute practice quiz & grade yourselves
2.  Complete the 11.1-11.3 Review of Extraordinary Fun! (answers)

The following will be due tomorrow for the quiz:
p.752 #11, 17-27 odds, 31-33, 38, 40
p.761 #19-39 odds, 49
p.767 # 12-26 evens
Review from today
Pizza Extra Credit