Wednesday, February 14

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Went over the 7.4 worksheet answers from yesterday (answers, note: #11 should be x+3), then started the 7.1-7.4 review packet. Finish the review packet for homework (answers)
*HW due tomorrow:
    p.501 #19,27,30,32,36,41-46,49 
    p.494 #7-23 odds
    p.509 #17-29 odds,32,36,39,42
    p.516 #20-30 evens,36,46,66-68
    7.4 Practice Worksheet
    7.1-7.4 Review Packet

Today in Geometry you:
Reviewed for Friday's test by practicing proofs about triangle congruence. Make sure you are studying your notes and example proofs as a way to prepare for Friday!

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