Friday, October 24

Today in Acc Geo we:
7:00 - Went over the 3.4-3.6 Quick Quiz from yesterday
           Started Review Packet (answers)
           On Sunday, complete the 4 multiple choice question worksheet (answers)
           *Due for the test Monday:
                p.175 #8,11-21 odds
                3.5 Worksheet
                3.6 Worksheet
                p.201 #1-25 odds (worksheet)
                Chapter Review Packet with explanations

8:00 - Reviewed!
           HW: Finish the review packet (answers)
         *Due for the test Monday:
                p.175 #6-22,24,26,27
                p.185 #2-14,18,29-31
                p.194 #2-9,12,21,23,29,31,32,33,35,44,47
                Review Packet 3.4-3.6

Today in Algebra 1 we:
1.  Started the 4.2 Notes on Relations, Domain, and Range
2.  Did a matching activity
3.  HW: p.239 #15-18,22 (answers)

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