Wednesday, October 22

Today in Acc Geo we:
7:00 - Went over the 3.1-3.3 Quiz and the 3.5 Homework
                             (#14 in particular, which could have multiple correct answers)
           Began 3.6 Notes, but did not finish
            HW: 3.6 Worksheet (skip #7-9) (answers)
8:00 - Went over the beginning of 3.6 Notes, we will finish the rest tomorrow
           Discussed the 3.1-3.3 Quiz
           HW: p.194 #2-9,12,21-23,29,31,32,33,35,44,47 (answers)
            *Note from Mr. Vrana: Do as much as you can from the homework, and we will finish the rest tomorrow in class and answer any questions you may have from the chapter.  The answers from the homework are again from the book.  I apologize for those who do not like it this way. The rest will be done by hand for those who prefer it done that way.

Today in Algebra 1 we:
Turned-in the 3.5-3.6 Homework and took the Chapter 3 Test.

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