Friday, October 17

Today in Acc Geo we:
At 7:00am - 1.  Took the 3.1-3.3 Quiz
                     2.  Turned-in 3.1-3.3 Homework
                     3.  Filled-out a Pre-Test on Slope and Linear Equations.
                          Please get that to Mrs. Johnson if you haven't already.

At 8:00am - 1.  Took the 3.1-3.3 Quiz.  Most students did not finish.
                          It will be addressed on Monday by Mr. Vrana.
                     2.  Turned-in 3.1-3.3 Homework
                     3.  HW: Complete the Algebra 1 Review that you should have
                         picked-up at the end of class.  It will not be graded; just do what you can..

Today in Algebra 1 you: (Mrs. Johnson went home sick)
1. Discussed compound inequalities and their graphs.
2. Worked on a worksheet focused on solving compound inequalities.  It should be turned-in by the end of the hour.

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