Wednesday, October 23

Today in Acc Geo we:
7am, 12pm, & 2pm (Mrs. Johnson)
       1.  Went over the rest of the 3.5 problems from yesterday.
       2.  Discussed questions over the 3.6 Video
       3.  Started the 3.6 Packet of Problems & Extra Notes
       4.  We will finish talking about Parallel, Intersecting, & Coinciding Lines tomorrow
       5.  HW:  p. 201 #1-21 odds (answers)
8am (Ms. Smith)
       1.  Went over the rest of the 3.5 Packet from yesterday
       2.  HW:  watch this 3.6 Video and take notes on this Guided Note Sheet

*Reminder: The Chapter 3 Test will be next week Tuesday!

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