Thursday, October 24

Today in Acc Geo we:
7am, 12pm, & 2pm (Mrs. Johnson)
         1.  Went over the 3.5-3.6 HW from last night
         2.  Finished the 3.6 Packet from yesterday
         3.  Made a review sheet of 3.4-3.6 to use on Mini Quiz
         4.  Started on 3.4-3.6 Mini Quiz (7am & 12pm)
8am (Ms. Smith)
        1.  Took Quick Quiz 3.4-3.6
        2.  Continued working on 3.6 Notes and Problems
        3.  Reviewed 3.4-3.6 in Packet of Problems
        4.  HW:  Finish the Packet for Homework (see Ms. Smith if you need an extra packet)
                       (Answers to Packet)

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