Monday, October 28

Today in Acc Geo we:
7am, 12pm, & 2pm (Mrs. Johnson)-
        1.  Went over the 3.4-3.6 Mini Quiz from Friday
        2.  Discussed using the Chapter 3 Objectives Sheet to help Study for Chapter 3
        3.  Spent the rest of the time on Multiple Choice Review (see Mrs. Johnson if you need another copy)
              Answers: A, F, C, G, A, G, C, H, A, J, A, J, C, J, D, G, B, G, D, H
                             (Make sure you can explain why!)
HW Due tomorrow:
  3.4 Practice
  3.5 Guided Notes
  3.6 Guided Notes
  p. 201 #1-21 odds
  Review Worksheet "Chapter Test" (p.206 #1-16 (skip #13) and p.207 #1-4)
  Chapter Test Form C (Multiple Choice)

8am (Ms. Smith)
        1.  Went over the 3.4-3.6 Quiz from Friday
        2.  Went over HW questions from the review & several 3.6 Packet questions
        3.  Spent the rest of the hour playing Jeopardy Review
        4.  HW:  Study tonight!  Review your notes & previous homework. 
HW Due tomorrow (Make sure that everything is filled out!!)
  p. 175 #1-4, 9, 20, 34
  3.5 Khan Academy Video Notes
  3.5 Problem Solving handout
  3.6 Video Notes (Gold Sheet)
  3.4-3.6 Review Problems ( 1,4,5,6,9-14,17)
  p.206 #1-16(skip#6,8,13) (Purple Handout)

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