Tuesday, November 22

Today in Acc Geo you:
1. Went over the Chapter 4/5 Test
2. Started the 7.3 Notes
3. HW: p.475 #11,13,20-24 (answers)
    *7am class: Mrs. Johnson accidentally deleted the 5.5-5.7 Quiz grades.  Please let her know if you scored higher on that quiz than you did on the test.*

Today in Algebra 2 you:
1. Went over the 5.5 & 5.9 Quiz
2. Took a 5.4 Quick Quiz on completing the square
3. Started the 5.6 Notes on the quadratic formula
4. HW: p.361 #23-29 odds (selected answers)  *This is a change from the original assignment*

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