Tuesday, October 11

Today in Acc Geo 
at 7:00 with Mrs. Johnson you:
      1. Went over the Chapter 2 Test
      2. Finished the extra examples from the 3.1 and 3.2 Notes
      3. Started discussing the converse of the theorems from 3.2
      4. HW: complete Theorems #2-5 of the 3.3 Notes and give examples
                   complete the 3.5/3.6 Pretest
at 8:00 with Ms. Chiarello:
     1. Went over chapter 2 test
     2. Reviewed Formal proofs and systems of equations  (focus on substitution for solving systems of equations)
     3.  Introduced Proving lines Parallel
     4.  DUE TOMORROW Take Home Quick Quiz 3.1-3.3 *There is a back side*
     5. HW assigned: pg. 2,8, 10, 22-28 even, 63, 64, 65
                  Try the homework problems, we will go over them on Thursday

Today in Algebra 2 you:
1. Completed the 3.1 Notes
10am: Went over the Chapter 2 Test
            Complete the 3.1 Exit Slip for homework
11am: Completed the 3.1 Exit Slip
           We will go over the Chapter 2 Test tomorrow

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