Thursday, October 13

Today in Acc Geo
at 7:00 with Mrs. Johnson you:
     1. Completed the 3.4 Notes
     2. HW: p.175 #8,11-21 odds (answers)
at 8:00 with Ms. Chiarello you:
     1. Got feedback on quick quizzes from yesterday
     2. Completed section 3.4 notes on perpendicular lines
     3. Completed quick quiz 3.1-3.4
     4. HW: worksheets "Practice A" and "Reteach" (answers)

Today in Algebra 2 you:
1. Practiced writing equations from word problems
2. Reviewed solving systems using substitution and elimination
3. HW: Finish the 3.1-3.2 Review Worksheet (blank copy) (answers)

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