Monday, September 26

Mrs. Johnson is out sick today.  She does not recommend food poisoning.  If you are looking to do something fun today, don't pick food poisoning.  Many regrets.

General Notes: 
1. I want you to work together and be helpful to each other.  There really are intelligent people in class with you. Ask someone for help when you need it, and give assistance when you know what you are doing.

2. Work diligently on math this hour; your best behavior and effort is expected of you.  I take any negative (and positive) comments from substitutes very seriously, and will respond to both when I get back.

3. Email Mrs. Johnson if you have any specific questions.

For Accelerated Geometry:
1. Fill out your 2.5 Notes using this answer key
2.  Practice problems on p.108 #17-27 odds, 30-32, 39-42 (answers)

For Algebra 2:
1.  Answer this warm-up in pairs.  Use your graphing calculator.  When finished, check your answers here.
2. Work on the questions from the 2.7 worksheet (2-sided) in your pairs/groups.  Check your answers here.
3. There will be a quick quiz tomorrow over this material.  Make sure to bring your graphing calculator with you and work hard today to learn the material.

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