Thursday, September 3

Today in Acc Geo we:
1. Went over the quick quiz and GSP questions
2. Reviewed for the Chapter 1 Test tomorrow.  (Answers to review)
*Please go over your old quizzes as a way to study for the test.

Homework due tomorrow:
1.3 - p.25 #13,15,17,27,30,41,44,46
1.4 - p.32 #15-31 odds, 34-42
Review Packet

Today in Algebra 2 we:
1. Went over the 2.1 Quick Quiz and last night's homework problem
2. Continued working on the 2.3 notes, focusing on graphing lines
3. HW: Finish the 2.3 Problem Solving worksheet from yesterday
4. HW: p.110 Worksheet
                #22-24,26,30,32,35,41,42,45,73,74 (selected answers)

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