Thursday, September 17

Today in Acc Geo you:
7am - Reviewed for the 2.1-2.4 quiz tomorrow
           Answers for Review
8am - Same.  Reviewed with Ms. Farekas
           Answers for Review and all the clues for the matrix problem

HW Due tomorrow:
     2.1  -  p.77 #15-21 odds, 24-28, 37
     Analogies and Venn Diagram Worksheet
     2.2  -  p.85 #-13-39 odds
     2.3  -  p.91 #9,10,20,23,24
     2.4  -  p.99 #11-31 odds, 40
     Review Worksheet

Mrs. Johnson went home sick.
Today in Algebra 2 you:
1.  Practiced linear regressions on the graphing calculator and turned it in at the end of the hour.              Blank Copy.
2.  We will continue with section 2.7 tomorrow

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