Monday, August 28

Today in Algebra 2/Trig you:
Went over the 1.1-1.4 quick quiz and made corrections. Completed the 1.5 note on Properties of Exponents. HW: p.39 #43-50,56-58,76-78 (answers)
*The 1.1-1.5 Quiz will be this Wednesday, and the homework will be checked-in then*

Today in Geometry you:
Went over the Quick Quizzes from Friday and the postulate homework. Started the 1.2 Notes (we did not finish). HW: p.17 #1-10 (skip #5),18,24-27,30,36-39 (answers)  *Note: This is a LONG assignment; I'm sorry. Only spend 20 minutes on it. It won't be collected tomorrow, we will spend some time talking about it tomorrow.

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