Tuesday, March 15

Today in Acc Geo we:
1. Continued through the Chapter 10 Introduction Notes
2. Explored cross sections using the interactive website (linked on the Docs and Files page)
3. HW: p.657 #13-21 odds, 31-39 odds (answers) and go over your Chapter 9 Test

Today in Algebra 2
at 10:00 with Mr. Martin 
    1. Went over several of the homework questions
    2. Went over the Chapter 7 Test with Mrs. Johnson
    3. Continued with additional examples of Special Right Triangles
    4. Did 2 problems on an exit slip
    5. HW: Complete the back side of the notes
at 11:00 with Ms. Smaga
    1. Discussed a different method for finding side lengths of special right triangles
    2. Completed several examples
    3. Did 2 problems on an exit slip
    4. HW: Worksheet
at 1:00 with Mrs. Johnson
    1. Went over the Chapter 7 Test
    2. Went over the homework examples and several additional examples
    3. HW: Yellow Worksheet A and Salmon Worksheet B (selected answers)

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