Tuesday, December 8

This week will be the last week for any retakes or grade improvements

Today in Acc Geo we:
1. Went over the Chapter 8 Tests
2. (completed the 12.4 notes at 8am)
3. Took a 12.1-12.3 Quick Quiz
4. Started the 12.5 Notes (we will finish tomorrow)
5. HW: p.859 #13-18,23-25,29,47,54 (answers)

Today in Algebra 2 we:
1. Completed Day 2 of the Stats Unit
2. Created bar graphs and pie charts in Microsoft Word
3. HW: Create a Pie Chart for the survey results from Question 9 and a Bar Graph for the results from #10.  Print it and be ready to turn it in tomorrow.
*Bring your graphing calculator tomorrow*

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