Monday, November 16

Today in Acc Geo we:
1. Went over the 7.5 HW
2. Practiced more proof-type problems from the 7.2-7.3 Quiz
3. HW: Objective Packet with examples (answers)
*HW Due tomorrow:
     p.485 #8-11,13-21 odds, 25a, 26 
     p.325 #18-22 
     p.492 #18,19,24-27,35-37,39
     Objective Packet

Today in Algebra 2 we:
1. Went over 5.4 HW questions and examples from Friday
2. Continued the 5.4 Notes
3. HW: p. 345 #27-37 odds (selected answers)
4. Discussed the 5.5,5.9 Quiz and the retake that will happen this Friday.
    Please prepare the extra credit assignments in preparation.

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