Friday, October 16

Today in Acc Geo 
at 7:00 with Mrs. Johnson
       1. Went over homework questions and the 3.5/3.6 quick quiz
       2. Reviewed 3.5/3.6 by teaching problems to other groups.
       3. You will finish teaching within your groups on Monday.
       No homework
at 8:00 with Ms. Farekas
       1. Went over 3.5/3.6 quick quiz
       2. Worked on review worksheets (answers)
           (there will be time to finish Monday before the 3.5/3.6 Quiz)
       HW: None! Happy Homecoming :)

Today in Algebra 2 we:
1. Went over any homework questions on the 3.4 reading strategies worksheet
2. Continued working on the 3.4 notes
3. HW: 3.4 practice B worksheet (selected answers)

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