Tuesday, March 31

Today in Acc Geo
    with Mr. Kawulia
        1. Reviewed Surface Area and 10.4
        2. Discussed Volume and practiced several volume problems
        3. HW: pick 5 volume problems from section 10.6 that would be good to use for a review & explain why you picked them.  Be ready to turn your suggestions in tomorrow.

     with Mrs. Johnson
        1. Reviewed 10.4 Homework and went over general surface area problems
        2. Completed the 10.6 Notes on Volume of Prisms and Cylinders
        3. HW: p.702 #13-29 odds (skip #21) (answers)

Today in Algebra 1 
     with Mr. Guthrie
        1. Went over the 9.1-9.4 Quiz with Mrs. Johnson
        2. Reviewed 9.5-9.7 with Mr. Guthrie
        *HW due tomorrow: 9.5 Worksheet (selected answers)
                                          9.6 Worksheet (selected answers)
                                          9.7 Worksheet (selected answers)

     with Mrs. Johnson
        1. Went over the 9.1-9.4 Quiz
        2. Reviewed 9.5-9.7 and discussed some extension problems
        3. Took a Quick Quiz
        4. HW: p.664 #35-53 odds (selected answers)

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