Thursday, January 8

Today in Acc Geo we:
1. Finished the 4.4/4.5 Notes on Triangle Congruecy
2. Did a BUNCH of proofs (flowcharts are life)
3. HW: p.257 #11-17 odds,22,27,28 (answers)
*4.3-4.5 Quiz tomorrow*
HW Due tomorrow:
     p.235 #13-23 odds,32,34
     p.246 #9-17 odds,30,31
     p.257 #11-17 odds,22,27,28

Today in Algebra 1 we:
1. Started Chapter 6 with the 6.1 Notes on Graphing Systems of Equations
2. HW: p.386 #9-17 odds, 28-30 (selected answers)
*Reminder: all homework must be completed before the 6.1-6.4 Quiz*

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