Thursday, August 28

Today in ACC GEO we:
1.  Discussed the 1.2 HW Quiz
2.  Reviewed for tomorrow's quiz:  Review Packet (answers)
3.  HW: 4 problems - Worksheet (answers)

HW Due tomorrow:
          p.9 #13-15, 33, 36, 39
          p.9 #16-21, 23-27, 34
          p.10 #28-32, 40-42
         Postulate Worksheet
         p.17 #12,14,15,17,18,27,29,31,36,40
         Midpoint Worksheet
         p.47 #13,15-18,22,29
         Review Homework (4 problems)

Today in ALGEBRA 1 we:
1. Finished the 1.5 Notes on Square Roots and Sets of Numbers
2. We will review for several moments before the quiz tomorrow.
3.  HW: Finish the 1.5 worksheet (which was on the back of last night's HW) (selected answers)

* The 11am class also looked at a practice quiz.
The answers are: C, F, C, G, A, H, D, J, D, G, B, F, B, and F

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