Thursday, March 6

Today in Acc Geo we:
1.  Discussed review questions from yesterday's worksheet. (#10 and #27)
2.  Continued reviewing by discussing the properties of quadrilaterals
3.  Worked on this Chapter 6 Review Worksheet . You should work on the properties chart tonight. (answers)  Sorry, the answer link wasn't working!  It is fixed now.
4.  HW: p.442 #1-20 (skip #8,11,16,17) (answers)

HW Due tomorrow:
    p.412 #11-23 odds
    p.422 #7,8,11-19 odds, 24-28 
    p.433 #15-31 odds, 35 
    Review Worksheet
    p.442 #1-20 (skip #8,11,16,17)

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