Tuesday Sep 18

Acc Geo-
Class Summary:
1.  Went over the answers to the HW on Syllogisms (focused on shading)
2.  Took HW Quiz over Analogies and Venn Diagrams
3.  Finished Matrix Logic Notes (except 1st hour, we will finish tomorrow)
4.  HW:  1st hour- Front Page of Matrix Logic Worksheet
               2nd and 6th hours - Pick 6 problems from the Worksheet (must do #6 or #8 at least)

Alg 1-
Class Summary:
1.  Reviewed HW and took a Homework Quiz over 2.1 & 2.2
2.  Started 2.3 Notes (we will finish tomorrow)
3.  HW:  p. 96 #30-36,42,47,74,75

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