Scholastic Bowl

Links for 12/12
Literature (JV) -    Classic Works of Literature 
                              know the given informaion, characters, and plot of at least 12
                              Write 3 pyramidal questions

Physics/Science (Varsity) -     Scientific Scales           20th Century Physicists       
                                                Classes of Particals       write at least 2 pyramidal questions

Links for 11/28
Sports-       tennis players        golfers         footballers       hockey players

Famous Leaders -    Mexican leaders         20th-Century African leaders
                                 Russian Tsars             Kings of France

Links for 11/14
Economics -     Economic Concepts        Economists

Plays/Musicals -      Musicals Part 1        Musicals Part 2          American Plays

Links for 10/31
Biology-            Animal Phyla               Organelles                    Plant Distinctions
Ancient Greece-     Battles of the Ancient World             Ancient Philosophers
                               Greek Monsters                                  Trojan War

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